Contribute to LibreWeb

We always welcome new supporters and contributors to LibreWeb!

Here is a quick listing of things we need help with and how you can get started.


For code contribution visit the LibreWeb Browser repository on GitLab. You’ll need an account in order to contribute.

Once you have an account, you will be to fork the GitLab LibreWeb Browser project and git clone the project on your computer. As well as creating a new Merge Request in GitLab of your changes.

Depending on your change, some knowledge of C++, GTK or IPFS is required.


You are reading the documentation page currently, the content source of every page can be found the LibreWeb Docs project on GitLab.

You can create an issue in the Docs project. Or make your own proposals by clicking “ Edit this page” link and create your own changes via a Merge Request in GitLab.

See also the how-to: How to contribute to LibreWeb Documentation.

Reporting issues and/or feature requests

You could also contribute to the LibreWeb Browser project by creating a new issue of a problem you encountered while using the browser. Or come-up with new ideas or features.


Interact with the community, people may get stuck or have questions.

Join the Telegram and/or Matrix community.

See also: Community page.

You can also help the project by becoming a supporter.