Here you will find frequently asked questions.

What is LibreWeb?

LibreWeb is a project which has several sub-projects, including the LibreWeb Browser.

LibreWeb Browser is a fully decentralized free software & open-source Web Browser. It allows users to easily browse and host new content on the decentralized web.

Decentralization comes with many benefits like resilience to censorship and no single point of failure. Please read the Concepts page for more info.

What is the current state of the LibreWeb project?

We already executed several proof-of-concepts and research topics, which are part of the LibreWeb Research Lab.

Currently, the LibreWeb Browser project is still in heavy development (Alpha phase).


LibreWeb releases can be found on the Releases page (currently GNU/Linux builds, but soon Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows). Try it out, leave feedback on features you’d like to see implemented or contribute to the project yourself!

How can I contribute?

We always welcome new contributors to the LibreWeb project and thank you for helping achieve the goal of a freer, better Internet.

You can help the LibreWeb Project in several ways, including but not limited to:

Read also the Contribute to LibreWeb page.

Is LibreWeb Free?

In every sense of the word, Yes!

LibreWeb Browser is fully open-source and is 100% free software, licensed under the MIT license. No costs, no ads, no tracking, no telemetry, no in-app purchases.

Also, LibreWeb Browser is fully decentralized. It allows you to store your content across the network, without any hosting costs and without fear of censorship. LibreWeb uses IPFS for decentralized content fetching and storage.

Research projects, websites and documentation pages are also all open-source and available plus open to merge requests.

How can I deploy my page on LibreWeb?

For how-tos, please see the How-to documentation page

People are unable to access my page/site?

Make sure the UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) feature is enabled on your router, then port forwarding should be correctly configured automatically.

Alternatively, you can always manually open TCP port 4001 in your router’s firewall to your local IP address.

Read also NAT configuration on the official IPFS documentation page.

Can LibreWeb Browser replace my current web-browser?

LibreWeb Browser is solely intended for surfing and publishing page/sites on the decentralized web. For security reasons, LibreWeb Browser won’t allow you to access the ‘current Internet’.

Once more content becomes available on the decentralized web, there will be less need for the current centralized web as we know it. To be fully honest however, the current WWW won’t disappear anytime soon. It’ll take time for web-developers and users alike to convert to a decentralized world.