Discussions and help can be found on our Forums (coming soon), Telegram or Matrix. Other services we do not trust and/or not proven themselves good enough to be used for communication.

Instant chat


Telegram is a cross-platform messaging service, clients are open-source (server is proprietary). Also messages are not encrypted by default, secret chats are encrypted.

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Matrix is a decentralized, open standard and federated communication protocol. You could use the web0client, or install one of the many Matrix Desktop clients on your computer (the Element Desktop client is recommended). Or even host your own Matrix server (Synapse) and become part of the federation. Both of which are open-sourced. Messages can be end-to-end encrypted if desired.

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Show installation instructions for Matrix Desktop Client on Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint.

Matrix homeservers

Matrix is decentralized, this means that in addition to the official matrix.org server, you can also register an account on other homeservers.
My homeserver URL is open for public registrations: https://matrix.melroy.org.